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“once you label me, you negate me.”

a lovely lil quote from soren kierkegaard, and something that i’m still encountering during my job searches of late. stopped in traffic in big sur from 2002-2007, i worked on an auto account. i wrote brochures, web sites, point-of-purchase, plus a few more odds and ends. i got some great experience, some award-winning samples, and several promotions during the time i spent driving the creative. but after 5 years, i felt like it was time to move on. see, people (read: other cr

is the other pasture really greener?

or just as full of shit as the one you’re in? i’m an ad writer. have been for years that now number in double digits. i’ll admit that my career has definitely been its own path. one that is glaringly different from those showcased on shows like trust me and mad men. on these made-for-tv glimpses into a world inwhich i reside, it’s all about the glam jobs creating 60 sec TV spots. there’s very little to no print. don’t even think about boring topics like direct mail or point-o

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