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  • Jerry

is the other pasture really greener?

or just as full of shit as the one you’re in?

i’m an ad writer. have been for years that now number in double digits. i’ll admit that my career has definitely been its own path. one that is glaringly different from those showcased on shows like trust me and mad men. on these made-for-tv glimpses into a world inwhich i reside, it’s all about the glam jobs creating 60 sec TV spots. there’s very little to no print. don’t even think about boring topics like direct mail or point-of-sale. it’s all about the TV spot.

these shows are SOOO not the world i’ve lived in. sure they probably exist somewhere. for someone. just not me.

this little space will be my POV. you may think of it as a view from the cheap seats. or you may just be wondering where you can find some higher boots.

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