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now THAT’s funny

some of the most memorable ads have been so because of humor. others, because of the strong graphic design.

i spied this lil transit poster the other day. and to me, it uses both. a nice, simple graphic that catches your eye.

and it uses humor. i mean….look at the little figure. it’s actually throwing the cigarettes in the trash can! now that’s funny!

cause, i don’t know about where you live, but around SoCal, the world is their ashtray. be it driving down PCH next to the recently restored bolsa chica wetlands. or careening a bazillion miles an hour down the 405. it’s right outside the door of the starbucks. and even standing in front of my house. but let’s not forget the biggest ash tray there is…..the beach! you know, the one i was at just the morning with the dogs, sitting on the park bench watching the pelicans flying by in formation, and the dolphins lazily swimming by and looking for, well, lunch. all the while trying to keep the dogs from eating the cig butts scattered around the grass.

flick goes their butt.

and unlike this sharp lil graphic, rarely in the receptacle it’s supposed to actually land in.

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