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magic bullet?

there is no such thing. you can’t take a pill and wake up the next morning skinny. you can’t download an app and you’re suddenly in shape.

then why do so many of the small business owners i’m dealing with think there’s such a thing when it comes to marketing? can sending one or two emails (with a weaker “offer” than recommended) really cause people to come knock down their doors?

broadcasting a single message is about as effective as trying to be heard in a hurricane. with so much “noise” bombarding people every day (what is it….over 5,000 these days?), a steady drip is going to be more effective in the long run than throwing a whole bucket one time.

results take time. and effort. it takes consistency, discipline, and focus. it takes being present in the mind of consumers because you never know when they’re going to “need” you or be receptive to your message.

if you throw your message out once, it’s going to be forgotten, ignored. consistently stay in front of an audience and it’s going to be seen and heard. eventually.

but most import, be valid. be desirable. be present.

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