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technology is an energy suck

And by suck, I mean both in actual kilowatts, and in time.

I know, technology is supposed to help you save time. It’s also supposed to help you better organize your day/life/finances/social outlets. And I’m sure once I’ve adjusted to my latest and greatest gadget, I’ll calm down.

But for now, it seems to be consuming all of my free time. (It even kept me from posting my 300 words yesterday…well, at least that’s the excuse I’m sticking with.) There are settings to set. Apps to download. Backgrounds to choose. And then there’s all the loading of contacts, calendar events, photos, and music. (And I’m not even talking about an iPhone here. I’m sorry….I want actual phone service with my gadget, so I went with an HTC Evo on Sprint. It gives good signal.)

Once the gadget is loaded, then it has to be dressed up. And by dressed up, I mean screen protector, cover, and perhaps a cradle to make charging easier.

Speaking of charging, did you know that leaving all those various electronic devices and stuff plugged in to charge can add up to 10% more to your monthly electric bill? Of course, that’s nothing compared to the extra refrigerator or freezer you have in your garage or basement that is keeping that 3-year-old steak frozen and that one can of pop cold. This is especially true if your fridge was manufactured before 2001.

Another fun fact? Washing your clothes in cold water instead of warm could save you $150/year. That’s no small change. Well, it IS a change if you’re used to washing in warm and hot water. Then again, I know I like to wash my whites in hot. It’s how I roll.

I guess what all this comes down to, for me, is understanding when to let new technology help make my life easier. And when to use common sense. (But haven’t you also heard that if common sense were common, wouldn’t it be more prevalent in the world around us? Or are they just used to frying their brains in hot water with lots of bleach?)

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