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when the brain goes drip, drip, drip

Most nights, it’s tough to get my brain to shut off. I think I’m missing a pause button. It usually just keeps jumping from topic to topic, shiny object to movement to whatever, and usually with no pattern or reason. (Of course, this brain activity usually generates most of my creative ideas or solutions. The tough part? My own stubbornness that also kicks in and says “don’t worry about writing this down, you’ll remember it in the morning.” This rarely happens. Or worse, I have a pathetic night’s sleep because the whole time my brain is repeating whatever it was that I was trying not to forget.)

Now, what were we talking about?

Oh yeah, my hyperactive brain that is so obviously a night owl while the rest of my body says otherwise.

A couple of weeks ago, the shower in the master bath was dripping nonstop (along with the one in the kitchen sink). The obvious solution would be to close the door to the bathroom. If only one was available for closing. Instead we have a lovely archway separating bed from bath. It’s good in theory. But not so good when there is the reality of a dripping shower head.

Like so many nights, I will my brain to channel all its energy to shutting down all other stimuli. I’ve tried some of the techniques I learned years ago in beginner’s meditation. You know, opening the valve at the bottom of the feet, and watching (and feeling) all of the negative energy flowing from the top of my head all the way down through my torso and legs. It was working for about 45 seconds until….

Drip. Drip, drip, drip, drip. Drip.

Switching gears, I tasked the brain with translating that annoying drippage into something more soothing. It’s rain! Yes, lovely raindrops falling on my head. Or at least the head of the house. Isn’t that calming? Aren’t I relaxed?

Again, that worked for a few minutes. Then the brain says “hey! dumbass! call the property management and have them come fix this damn leaking showerhead. Oh, and have them fix the faucet in the kitchen sink while they’re at it.”

I’m too lazy to get up and write it down so I’ll remember to do it in the morning. At least I now have the dripping sound to go along with the repeated mantra of “don’t forget” that will keep me up all night.

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