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Coming back from Phoenix this week, I had the pleasure (read: luck) of meeting an actual published author, Judith Avila. She happened to take the middle seat between our new client contact and me. She was vibrating with excitement, which I learned was all derived from having an advanced copy of her new book, Code Talker, which she co-wrote with the last remaining code talker, Chester Nez.

The hour flight went quickly as I got to hear – and be inspired by – Judy’s quest to make her writing dreams a reality. And this never-give-up attitude has really struck a nerve with me, because lately I haven’t had much of one to do much writing. And that’s just wrong.

So here I am, shaking the dust off this blog (as well as needing to do the same to a couple others I have going) and began to start writing something, anything, that I want to write and not what is dictated by my day job.

Here goes nothing…..

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