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seeing the world in perpetual pink tones

Perhaps I’m disillusioned? Or maybe I just don’t realize I’m wearing rose-colored glasses? But there is a big part of me that does find the “c’mon, let’s all band together and make the world a better place” trend in quite a few of the new TV spots on the air to be….hopeful. I’ll admit some have even made me a wee bit misty.


Even this morning, I was caught by the behemoth bank’s spot about how they’re all for helping people achieve their dreams. Especially in these “rough economic times.”

But how many people truly buy into that? I know from my jaded seat in sunny SoCal that most people would sooner step over your dying body to get to their next social engagement/double no foam latte/print out on the company Xerox than look down to help a brother or sister who is finding themselves down.

Because aren’t some of these people that run the companies or produce the spots the same ones that won’t even return a smile or get off their cell phone long enough to acknowledge the person taking their coffee order?

Regardless, I will continue to hope that good will win out. That people are intrinsically wired to be neighborly. And friendly.

Then again, I continue to believe that talent is more important than who you know or how you dress.  And it’s certainly more important than how many friends you have on Facebook, or the fact that you tweet on a regular basis.

Or maybe that’s just my rose-colored view of the world.

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