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if nothing else….be creative

The economy is recovering, eh? Seems every time we get close to pushing that big rock up and over the hill, right when we’re near the top, wham! It starts to roll back down. Bleak headlines about more job layoffs, more foreclosures, etc. can really bring a guy down.

Getting out there and hitting the streets is a necessary exercise, but sometimes I just gotta use some of the effort to be part of something that feeds my creative soul. Right now, it’s singing with a choral group in my new adopted hometown. Not bad for someone who has only been here a little more than 2 months. It’s nice to be part of a group of like-minded people who just love to sing.

I have always been grateful to be blessed with musical ability. Despite being a near identical clone to my Dad in the looks department, thankfully I got my musical genes from Mom’s side of the DNA pool. Whether it was piano lessons, the tenor sax, or years of singing with various groups, I’m glad I was given the bucket that my Dad so desperately needs to carry any sort of tune.

This love of music is starting to bubble up in other possibilities. As part of my own personal PR campaign to get my name and capabilities out into a new marketing community (and inspired by my continued reading of Seth Godin’s Linchpin and the importance of giving gifts), I’m starting to look around for any opportunity to donate my skills to a worthy nonprofit. And right now, nothing brings music to my ears more than doing said pro bono work to help support the arts in ABQ.

I know it’ll take time to find the right place(s) to lend a hand. But just as I was lucky enough to find a group to sing with in such a short time, I know the right opportunity is out there.

And just maybe, this opportunity will lead to others that will do more than just feed my soul…maybe it’ll also help feed my piggy bank in the process.

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