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Creative (Pro)Creation

During this recent spell of non-permanent work, I’ve been pretty darn lucky to work with some great agencies, albeit remotely. One in the Pacific Northwest, one right off old Route 66. The projects have been diverse, and quite creatively fulfilling .

With the distance between us, most of the projects start off with a creative brief and a phone call. Once we’ve established the need to create, I go off on my own and work my magic.

The biggest challenge has been the whole creative process. Often, once I’ve done my initial concepting and delivered the first round of creative, the project then takes on a life of its own. I don’t always get the opportunity to see the rounds of client revisions unless it requires a rewrite of significance.  And usually, I don’t see the final outcome until it’s ready for distribution/publication.

These creations, however remote, feel like my children. Yet, with little involvement beyond the beginning of the project, what does that make me? A donor?

It’s like I go off into the little room, creative brief in hand for inspiration, to perform my “task.” You know, just some quiet “alone” time to let the creative juices, uh, flow. (groan) (Or is that, moan?) Once I’ve “produced” and handed off the results, it’s almost as if I just wash my hands and go about my life. Never quite knowing if this offspring every made it full term and actually goes out into the market? Always wondering how my lil creation is developing?

There are times that I wish I had more involvement with the development. But it’s not like I want to pay its way through college.

I guess what it comes down to, is maybe just a postcard or email, a PDF or quick note, just to say “I’m doing great! Thanks for your contribution.”

And then I can move on to the next creative brief waiting to be hatched.

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