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Baby, it’s cold outside

This is my first holiday season as an “entrepreneur” (read: salesperson, i.e. “independent contractor”), which means this is the first time I’ve been running into more business owners who seem to be in a hurry to jump ahead into the new year. More times than not over the past few weeks….er, really since about the week of Turkey Day…I’ve been told “come back and see me in January.”

Trust me, I understand their sitch. It’s either A) you’re in a retail-esque industry and the very nature of being the holidays means you have more people dropping by to peruse your goods or services than normal, and/or B) you’re in any other business that sets an annual marketing budget that is just about tapped out.

Thankfully there have been a few that have been willing to support my “cause.” What I wish more would comprehend is that, sure the sound of registers ringing is loud and frequent right now, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be preparing for the drastic drop that usually follows right behind that big sparkly ball o’ glass that signifies the new year.

I guess the good side of all this cold calling during the holidays is that I have at least had a chance to spy a few things here and there that I wouldn’t mind purchasing once things heat back up and I have commish coming in.

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