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A Story to Tell – My Own

Once upon a time, there was an ad guy who started in the business way back before Al Gore "invented" the internet. Back then we had touchtone phones (but yes, I'm old enough to remember rotary dial phones), a handful of TV and radio stations, and had to go the library to uncover information that would be useful for my job. Back then, the most "exotic" thing I could imagine creating advertising for was transit posters because, as a relatively small town kid who had only been on one subway at the time, it was something just different enough from broadcast, print and outdoor to be intriguing.

Jump to present time and the media channels are everywhere. Mobile. Digital. More TV channels than you can imagine. And yes, there are still outdoor boards, prints ads...and transit posters.

Marketing trends say that content is still extremely important. And not just because of the sheer volume of all the places content pops up.

These days the content has to be relevant, personable, even personalized. SEO and SEM have to be considered so that those looking for the information can (hopefully) find it. Or at least have it served up in a Google search.

But ultimately the story has to be compelling. Authentic. Memorable. All key metrics I strive for with each character I commit to screen/pixel/sound wave. Because the content needs to connect as much as it needs to create a reaction (click, like, share, etc.).

This ad guy's journey is still in process. The plot of the next chapter is being flushed out. But if you or your business has a story that needs to tell, reach out. #followme, #new, #content_writer

This isn't my first time to the blog rodeo. If you want to see some other posts from a few years back, go to

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