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seeing the world in perpetual pink tones

Perhaps I’m disillusioned? Or maybe I just don’t realize I’m wearing rose-colored glasses? But there is a big part of me that does find the “c’mon, let’s all band together and make the world a better place” trend in quite a few of the new TV spots on the air to be….hopeful. I’ll admit some have even made me a wee bit misty. Even this morning, I was caught by the behemoth bank’s spot about how they’re all for helping people achieve their dreams. Especially in these “rough econ

when creative inspiration takes flight

It always comes back to the same necessity: go deep enough and there is a bedrock of truth, however hard. (May Sarton) Finding the right inspiration for projects can come from some unexpected places. The brochure project I just completed for a large computer company located in the Pacific Northwest had some unique challenges. How I found the creative solution was rather surprising. The issue was a gaming device. I am not a gamer. Unless you consider old school Cribbage, or an

When words on the page become more than a graphic element

Believe it or not, I’m actually a writer who does think that (most times) less is more. And by less, I mean the amount of copy on any particular piece. But sometimes, the story just needs some breathing room. Like they need to relocate, if only momentarily, from their townhouse in crowded Southern Cali to a nice wide, open pasture in the Midwest where they can stretch and ramble and graze and otherwise just take in a big gulp of fresh air. Sometimes, finding the space on the

In these tough economic times….

Finding myself freelancing and looking for the next big gig has brought back some interesting memories. In fact, it was right after college that I experienced my first tough economic situation. Like so many of the new grads today, the job market (Texas in the mid-80s) was anything but friendly. Granted, looking for a job back then was completely different. Instead of perusing the umpteen different job boards that are specifically targeting the ad biz (and I’m not even really

Advertising: Art? Or Science?

installation by steven hawks “The trouble with us in America isn’t that the poetry of life has turned to prose, but that it has turned to advertising copy.” (Louis Kronenberger) It was a quote like this that, early in my career, reinforced my decision to become an advertising copywriter.  I was enamored with the idea of using words to not just sell a product. I wanted to tell stories. I wanted to take the reader on a journey. I wanted laughter. And tears. Or whatever emotion

Inspired Writing

whether it’s writing an auto brochure, an insurance company’s direct mail letter, or an educational institition’s web banner, approaching each and every one with the same vigor doesn’t necessarily mean the end result will be as….inspired. i’m currently working on some brochures for a large computer company, and while it’s not like i’m writing for apple (of which I’m a huge fan), i’m really enjoying the work. granted, the freelance client is amazing. and supportive. and very p

i’ll see your reel, and raise you a URL

But if you have to choose just one, which is going to move your career ahead more? I interviewed with a large agency in Texas last October. Going into the opportunity, all parties knew my TV experience was light to negligible. But I brought strong direct and interactive experience, which was also part of the job description. We had a great chat (at least from my side of the table, I thought so). But when it came down to making the cut, my lack of TV production experience was

now THAT’s funny

some of the most memorable ads have been so because of humor. others, because of the strong graphic design. i spied this lil transit poster the other day. and to me, it uses both. a nice, simple graphic that catches your eye. cause, i don’t know about where you live, but around SoCal, the world is their ashtray. be it driving down PCH next to the recently restored bolsa chica wetlands. or careening a bazillion miles an hour down the 405. it’s right outside the door of the sta

is the other pasture really greener?

or just as full of shit as the one you’re in? i’m an ad writer. have been for years that now number in double digits. i’ll admit that my career has definitely been its own path. one that is glaringly different from those showcased on shows like trust me and mad men. on these made-for-tv glimpses into a world inwhich i reside, it’s all about the glam jobs creating 60 sec TV spots. there’s very little to no print. don’t even think about boring topics like direct mail or point-o

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